Chapter 4 Fans Mourn Elvis Death

Elvis Death - Fans are stunned by the news that the King of Rock has died.

The city of Memphis Tennessee goes into mourning. Across the world, radio stations preempt regular formats and begin playing Elvis songs 24/7. Reaction to Presley’s death begins to fill the airwaves.

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Wednesday, August 17, 1977 - Memphis in Mourning

Cars cruise bumper to bumper in front of Elvis Presley’s beloved Graceland mansion where he was found dead yesterday.

Stunned love sick fans try to hop the gate decorated with guitars and musical notes wrought in iron. Burley cops do their best to try to maintain order.

A red-eyed security officer guarding the gate worries that ardent admirers might do something drastic over the death of Elvis.

He begged the reporters to tell fans not to do anything foolish. Many fans were passing out from the hot afternoon August sun.

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