Chapter 8 - Elvis Funeral - Fans Pay Final Respects

Wednesday, August 17, 1977 - Elvis Funeral – Fans Final Farewell

Every motel in Memphis is booked. Around 75,000 mourning fans gather near the gates of Graceland to pay their last respects to the King of Rock.

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The fans, when they are allowed to enter the gates are doing something they were not allowed to do when Elvis was alive. During Presley’s 20 year career, the mansion was off limits to fans.

As the mourners enter Graceland mansion they can see the singer lying in state, just inside the front door. As they pass by, they are able to view Elvis in the velvet lined copper casket. He is dressed in a conservative white suit, a light blue shirt and white tie.

Elvis’ close friends stand watch nearby. Some are wearing a diamond pin on their lapel. The pins are from tuberculosis foundation which Presley donated to generously.

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