Elvis Presley Autopsy Report

The Elvis Presley Autopsy was completed the same day he died. It involved the removal of all vital organs which were then sent to a pathology lab for testing. The testing was conducted to determine the cause of death. Dr. Jerry Francisco was the coroner. Also attending Presley’s autopsy were Dr. Eric Muirhead and Dr. Noel Florredo.

You can listen to Dr. Francisco announce the preliminary findings from the hospital news conference by going to Chapter 3 titled “How Elvis Died”.

The document you see below is the official Elvis Presley autopsy report issued August 16, 1977

The document on the investigation of Presley’s death was issued by the Shelby County medical examine, Memphis Tennessee.

Look closely at what is written in the autopsy findings about how Elvis was found.

• Page 1: Elvis was “found dead” and “unclothed”.

• Page 2: The notes indicate that Elvis was found in his “dressing room” by his fiancée, Ginger Alden.

• Later reports say Ginger found Presley on the bathroom floor.

• Page 2: Confirms that resuscitation was attempted.

• Page 2: There is no indication of foul play.

• Page 1: In the Probable Cause of Death section, there is reference to HCVD. – This stands for Hypertensive Cardio-Vascular Disease. This indicates that Elvis was at high risk for heart attack and stroke.

• Page 1: In the same section there is the notation “with ASHD” - This stands for Atherosclerotic Heart Disease. This is commonly known as hardening of the arteries.

• Page 2: Show that the preliminary findings indicate that Presley died due to cardiac arrhythmia which is an irregular and ineffective beat.

• In his statement at the hospital press conference (listen to Chapter 3 How Elvis Died, Dr. Francisco states “there was no indication of any drug abuse of any kind.” Apparently his statement was based on preliminary findings.

• Later after pathology reports were completed, Dr. Eric Muirhead, the pathologist who assisted in the autopsy reports that Presley’s body tissue contained 14 drugs. He states that his body contained toxic levels of methaqualone and codeine.

• Methaqualone is also known as Quaaludes. It was used extensively in the 1960s and 1970s to treat insomnia. It is reported that Elvis had been suffering from insomnia for a long period of time prior to his death.

• Codeine is used for relief of pain, nausea and in low doses to control cough.

Elvis Autopsy Report Page 1

Elvis Autopsy Report Page 1

Elvis Presley Autopsy Report Page 2

Elvis Presley Autopsy Report Page 2

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