Chapter 6 - Elvis Presley History - Rocket to Stardom

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Elvis Presley History buffs know that Elvis rarely gave interviews to the media.

He performed his music, but he did not appear on talk shows. That is why this tape of his appearance on a Memphis radio station, just as his career was taking off is so special.

Click player as Elvis talks about his feelings & fears of success.

Listen as Wink Martindale, a long time friend of Elvis talks about what it was like being on the inside watching Presley’s rise to fame.

It was while Martindale was a disc jockey in Memphis at WHBQ and host of the television show Teenage Dance Party that his friend Elvis made an appearance.

Martindale’s wife had dated Elvis before later marrying Wink. So they both knew Elvis well.

Wink talks about what happened the first time he played an Elvis song on his show. He tells why he was shocked by the listener response. It did not take too many spins before Wink realized his friend had a hit bound record.

Elvis too had his thoughts about instant stardom. In this interview he talks about his fear of success.

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